This winter Pyrenex, the expert of the feather, entrusts his famous down jacket to Swildens, the casual spirit parisian brand. When the creativity of one meets the know-how of the other, magic operates again! Juliette Swildens imagines a reversible, oversized and feminine down jacket, a new classic for wandering around town and playing codes.

Its water repellent treated peach skin touch and detachable hood give it a look that's both casual and stylish, the perfect combo to face the winter with style.

To seal their collaboration, Pyrenex & Swildens designed a specific mark on the basis of the historical felt badge of Pyrenex, first appeared in 1968!


Enthusiastic about enriching their respective colorful and traveling universes, Swildens and Gas Bijoux unveiled their capsule collection called "Indian Spirit" for the FW 15-16 season.

The meeting between the creativity of Juliette Swildens and the know-how of excellence of Gas Bijoux gave birth to a line of 6 exclusive jewels.


"All around the clock" is the capsule designed by Sarah Lavoine, French interior designer, and Juliette Swildens. Sharing the same spirit in terms of style, they gave us their vision of the urban woman.

The closet offers silhouettes that are easy to wear on a daily basis while remaining ideal for the evening. Refinement of materials, pure and sober lines sign a chic look. The whole in a Parisian and timeless spirit.


Take an iconic model of Parisian fashion, mix it with the know-how of a legendary manufacturer of paintings: this gives the colorful collaborations Swildens x Resource.

The two brands team up to make a capsule line of sweatshirts in an explosive colorama.

Juliette Swildens, a lover of fashion and colors, has selected 12 new hues with evocative names such as Pimiento red, Lagoon blue or Istanbul green ...