The collab' of the moment

As her favourites and inspirations go by, Juliette Swildens loves to join forces with other universes for eagerly awaited collaborations: Pyrenex, Studio be-poles, Schott, Kusmi Tea, Gas Bijoux... This season, it's the Swildens x Autry collab' which makes a splash

Swildens x Autry

When Juliette Swildens' love for vintage meets the rebirth of an iconic sneaker brand of the 80's, it can only lead to the coolest pair of the moment.

Founded in Dallas in 1982, Autry is back with the reedition of the archive design Medalist, which was elected Best shoes of the year by Tennis Magazine in 1985...

Juliette chose to enhance this classic with Swildens touches: material mix with crazed leather, suede and canvas, and on the outer side of each foot, an enthusiastic message, which makes asphalt a playground: "These shoes are made 4 walking" on one side, and on the other... "Don't walk, Dance"!

Available in limited edition...


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